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My new expansion set

Hopefully capitalizing on my recent sales success, I'm launching a new Heroes & Treasure expansion Kickstarter next week, titled Ice & Flame.

There is a lot of "Fire & Ice" out there and some "Frost & Flame" (which I do love as a name), and even a very obscure song about "Ice & Fire", but "Ice & Flame" is pretty rare.

Anyway, if anyone would like to follow along, the pre-launch page is:

If you feel like critiquing my page itself, just ask and I can give you the preview link. The page is a sort of weird balance because I'm simultaneously pitching the expansion to people who have Heroes & Treasure already, and the original game to people who learn about it for the first time.

(one thing I did was leave "Heroes & Treasure" out of the title, because people who already have the game will be following a link from me and don't need it there, and people who don't might see that and think, oh, it's an expansion for something I don't have and never even click to see the page)

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