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Summer Hiatus

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Joined: 04/16/2011

Well it seems like we are full into Summer ... And even though we are living through a Global Pandemic (COVID-19), we still need to take time to enjoy it too.

As such my artist is taking a break (so to speak)... I've asked her to provide more sketches ... But I'm not focused on "delivery" of finished products. Just some musings of what she feels that can be done.

For example: Crystal Heroes (CH) features "Nexus" cards which are the interconnection between the Nine Houses of the Realm. Madison did an awesome job of a rough ink (with color) of a star shaped castle. Really cool and very unique...

So I've asked her to "focus" on this sketch (ink) and come up with something along that vein of artistry. She's supposed to work out some more sketches in the following weeks.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with! It's real cool to be able to collaborate on different aspects of the game which are all related to the art.

So kudos to all the artists and illustrators who make our visions come to life by using their awesome talents and artistry.


P.S.: And to all of the fellow Designers ... Feel free to also enjoy the summer ... Even though there are restrictions and rules to any social gathering ATM.

But just getting out of the house for a brief view of the sky... I'm not suggesting you partake in going to bars or restaurants where the likely-hood of catching COVID-19 is "higher"... Social distancing is still on everyone's order of things to help ensure you and your family's safety.

In a way ... Maybe this gives everyone more time to "focus" on some of those old-designs that had been "shelved" and deserve a "second-chance"!

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Summer Stuff

First read this yesterday evening, after just returning from my community garden plot. I agree that going outside for at least a little bit every single day works wonders. Personally I think it's helped me stay sane this year. :)

My day job has been demanding. I'm basically a one-person team in charge of converting our classroom content to an online virtual format, and then facilitating that content via exams and Zoom meetings. It's helped our business stay in business (a non-profit workforce development organization in a large east coast US city), so even though I'm exhausted it seems to be for a good reason. :)

To mix things up a bit for our clients, I have created some online games for the virtual classroom along with filming and editing short intro videos for different course segments. Meanwhile, I have completed a handful of projects with my "Glowforge" laser cutter, too. So while my creative energies haven't gone to analog/tabletop design, they're still being exercised and put to worthwhile use.

Wherever you are, however things are going for you, I hope you are finding "bright spots" to enjoy this summer. :)

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I'm hoping to get TradeWorlds to Manufacturing soon...

For those following the saga, with Mike's passing... Stan is taking over communications and eventually Manufacturing and Fulfillment. I already did about 4 months of Card Editing, this should have been Mike's task. But because of his unexpected passing, I inherited the task.

What really annoys me is how CLOSE we are to wrapping things up.

Missing about 20 or so files for the rulebooks and 1 icon file. Really it's not too much. The good news is that through a friend, I maybe found what is needed to help find these "missing" files.

Hopefully in a couple days, we'll have GOOD NEWS and be onwards towards "editing" the rulebooks and making certain that the bleeds are all good and that the rulebooks (both of them) will be 100% finalized.

I really want to move BEYOND "now". It's super frustrating to have to wait and wait and wait some more. And nothing progresses but the advancement of time (no progress with the game).

Like I said, my hopes are that we will be able to move forwards SOON!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Also working on my Crystal Heroes rulebook (which is 14 pages)!

I needed to INSERT 2 pages... into my Crystal Heroes rulebook. What a real PAIN in the @ss! Why? Because all my indexes are "manual". They're not actual links. I need to manually correct 80+ indexes because of the change.

I needed to add pages describing the custom dice and how to use them... It's not "non-trivial" ... but for completeness ... I had to add that. And then I added some more Conquest and stat path details (almost an entire page each!)

In any event... I'm 75% done with about 25% to finish up... And then I will re-export my "pages" for TGC and upload them. From a "design" perspective, there is only ONE (1) element not completed and it's the Human's Backside artwork for the game. This requires one additional IMAGE to be embedded and to add the references for the cardback's anatomy...

I'm going to purchase ONE (1) copy of the rulebook ... Just for my own personal review. And have a feel for what it COULD look like production-finished version (almost less that last element I mentioned earlier)!


Note #1: Just finalized my upload and RUSH ordered the rulebook for about $7.00 USD + shipping. Hopefully should ship by August 5 and get here in a couple weeks! Can't wait to have a look at the rulebook once it arrives! It's still missing that ONE (1) element (backside of the Human card sample...) but other than that the rest remains completed...

Been wanting to see what a physical copy will look like (drift, colors, etc.)

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