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Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

Ladies & Gentleman, friends, and people of the BGDF

I introduce the annual 2020 $100 Amazon gift card "Guess how many games we sell" give away, brought to you by Holiday Fever A Family Tradition.

Rules: Be the closest player to guess the total number of Holiday Fever games sold for 2020, and post it right here on this Blog. End date Jan 05th 2021.

If I remember correctly we did 252 games for 2019.

Note: Due to the pandemic we won't be doing any Holiday Bazaars which accounted for about 50 games last year.

3 games have already been sold

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!


I'm going to guess...



I'll guess you'll double last year's sales. So, 504.


Thanks for the optimistic guesses!!

I just talked to some amazon guys. They will help me get all set up, and they sound like they can get some stuff sold on Amazon. It's not going to be cheap.....but I've got to slay Monopoly somehow!! :)

Just poking this thread to encourage others

It wouldn't be very exciting if only let-off and I guessed.

Not because I want the gift card...

My guess is 250 units. And this is simply to "fuel the fires"! Hehehe. I know @Evans is a good salesman. Even though it's private, I've officially pitch him if he wants to collaborate in the sales department... Anyhow no pressure, just some suggestions and ideas.

With 40 semi-active users...

... I thought there would be about 10 guesses by now. When is the cut off for guessing?

Just bumping this thread...

Hello Evans,

Haven't seen you online much... I'm just bumping this thread as to encourage more members to submit their own Vote. The thread has over 500 views... But very little in terms of participation...

Maybe October will be DIFFERENT! Cheers.

Thank You

Yeah, I figured there would be a lot more guesses on this. That's cool that it has seen 500 views. I wonder why they chose not to make a guess?
Quest, how can you help me sell those 250 Games this year?

Dead Line and Update

Deadline for a guess is 24DEC2020. Also we found out that we will be doing 1 Holiday Bazaar. This year it will be outdoor, but we sold 35 games there last year. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazon page should be done soon too. I'll post a link once its up and running.

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