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New Board Game Design Contest at The Game Crafter - Community Anthology Challenge

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The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Community Anthology Challenge

In celebration of the recently released Jumbo Coil Bound Book on The Game Crafter, Ben Moy is excited to host the Community Anthology Challenge!

The vision of this contest is to amass a collection of designs that draw from a shared supply of components, and compile them in a Jumbo Coil Bound Book for future print on The Game Crafter to further feature and inspire the community, in the vein of Fridemann Friese's 504. Each game will be a chapter in the book, and your game will be mixed in with the other worthy games from this contest.

Learn more at

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For a while now I was curious

For a while now I was curious if the game crafter could laser cut the pages of the book to have some holes or pockets cut out of the middle of the page. This question is suddenly a little more relevant. :)


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I've pitched the contest to one of our members

There was one member on the forum that I thought his "format" of games might be of value for this contest. Like you said "shared" parts and limited amount of rules (1 or 2 pages). I was not sure about what he wanted to do with his games ... Some of them feel similar but hey, one in the contest would be great for him (IHMO)!

We'll see if he agrees... Best of luck "wrangling" a bunch of great games together in one unit. Cheers!

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Interesting Restrictions

I read this and the rules, and became immediately intrigued. I think the end result of this will be a novel "piece pack" format game collection, and from a consumer standpoint it seems like a good purchase: lots of easy-to-get-into games all at once, with a small footprint.

While providing restrictions on the components and format, it still provides a lot of wiggle room for a designer to experiment...

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