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Blind Blade - A solo pencil and paper dexterity game

Blind Blade

Solo Pencil and Paper Dexterity Game

You are a blind blademaster who has sworn to protect the innocent from oppressive gangs and you’re about to assault another gang hideout…

You make strokes with a pencil from around the edge of the game sheet, while your eyes are closed, to slice through gang members, prisoners' chains, and enemy supply caches worth points.

Game Rules

Game Sheet

Note: I plan to make several game sheets available, each representing a different gang hideout.


I plan to improve the game

I plan to improve the game sheet with illustrations and make more game sheets once I find the right number of objects and attacks.

Does anyone have any other cool ideas on how this mechanic could be applied to this theme? Thanks!

I have an IDEA on how to improve it...

My suggestion is for you to use freely... Instead of "Closing Your Eyes and making one Sweep", here is another METHOD to do something similar but easier than closing your eyes and harder than writing:

questccg wrote:
You place your PENCIL on one of the starting points and you put your finger on the TOP on the pencil. Then you PRESS DOWN with one clean motion and this will generate a "line"... Sort of like from the pressure of the PRESSING and the motion of FORWARDS will make a line.

In High School, we used to use this with Bazooka People. We would use one shot to MOVE FORWARDS in any direction or to FIRE the Bazooka at an opposing enemy unit.

It's very simple and a NEAT mechanic. You may find, that it might take a couple "MOVES" and then a STRIKE ... Like maybe 3 Moves and 1 Attack. But your Moves must be on empty area otherwise they you may be caught by the opposition...

TRY it out ... Before you use this mechanic. Because we had a BLAST playing with this mechanic in High School (35 years ago). It might also work for you... Again see if it matches what you HOPE to achieve with your design.


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