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Fudge — WHY only 1 UP Deck Box?!?!

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Joined: 04/16/2011

Hah! I visited a card game store a week ago and bought this real nice CLEAR Boulder Box from Ultra Pro. Anyhow I wanted to have 4 more of this box... Me being a bit of a noob in regards to this product, returned today to find that there were NO BOXES delivered this week.

After doing some research, I bought an OLDER model of the Boulder Box. That' right, it's been in-store and nobody has purchased it. So here is the deal... That item made in 2017 is better quality that the newer boxes. But the real kicker is that these CLEAR kind of Boulder Boxes are a bit in-demand... This is probably the reason that they did not deliver any clear Boulder Boxes.

I Googled everywhere and found a place on E-Bay in the USA but does not ship to Canada... Frigg -- I was so close. Bottom line, these Boulder Boxes are in High Demand for all the card game enthusiasts.

I don't know what I can do?! TBH I don't really need many more. Maybe one more... But I don't want to pay $20.00 USD when the one I bought cost $2.50 CAD...! Man ... what a pickle.

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