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The Pens are Mightier | Cooperative Categories Party Game

The Pens are Mightier

The Pens are Mightier is a cooperative categories party game. You all play together as a party of heroes to collect the best loot!

In each encounter, players secretly write down an answer to a monster’s challenge that must begin with the first letter of its name. Choose a common answer you think other party members will write down too because identical answers are required to defeat the monster and complete quests.

At the end of the dungeon, collect your party’s loot based on the number of defeated monsters and completed quests.

Game Rules v1.1



In this example, the players defeated the Skeleton with identical "Swords". I know "Scabbard" is an erroneous answer, but the player was trying to go for the double consonants quest!


I'll be reworking the digital deck over next few days.



The letter distribution for

The letter distribution for the basic set of 100 cards is:
A: 4
B: 6
C: 6
D: 6
E: 3
F: 5
G: 5
H: 6
I: 3
J: 4
K: 4
L: 4
M: 6
N: 6
O: 3
P: 6
Q: N/A
R: 6
S: 6
T: 6
U: N/A
V: N/A
W: 5
X: N/A
Y: N/A
Z: N/A

The game plays exactly the

The game plays exactly the same as before but I gave it a little fantasy flavour that works better for my gaming group. I will have to rework the digital deck to fit the theme.

Game Variations & Expansion

I added new game variations and a game expansion to the bottom of the rules:

  • Well-prepared — Before engaging the monster, players vote on whether the answers must begin with the first or last letter of the monster’s name.
  • Well-equipped — While engaging the monster, each player writes down two answers instead of one.
  • Well-oiled — Set a timer for 12 minutes. The game ends when the dungeon deck is empty or when the timer stops.
  • There Will Be Ink — This expansion includes 54 new monster cards and a red ink pen to use in a new game variation for 3-7 players. The player with the red ink pen acts as a Doppelgänger disguised as a hero trying to sabotage the hero players. Whenever the Doppelgänger player’s answer is identical to any other player’s answer, the engaged monster escapes. Additionally, 8 of the new monsters are Doppelgängers that act as letter wildcards. Before engaging a Doppelgänger, players vote on a letter that the answers must begin with.

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