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New Game: Animal Houses

Animal Houses - PnP Version

I purchased a set of 6 Woodland Creatures Dice from The Game Crafter not too long ago, and decided to use them to make a game for my twin nephews (age 7).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you Let-Off Studios' ANIMAL HOUSE(S)!

Last Update: 25 Dec 2020

Download this ZIP for all files needed to play the game:

Separate instructions available for download as a PDF here:

Separate print-and-play game pieces are available as a PDF here:



I didn't have the chance to read all the rules...

But I was thinking that maybe there could be rules with the animals. What kind of rules??? Like the skunks can't be in the same house as the dog (because he has very keen sense of smell...) And maybe there are other pairings that don't work together... Just to spice up the contention between the animals... Just a thought. Cheers!


I have a response and an update.

Like the skunks can't be in the same house as the dog (because he has very keen sense of smell...)
Well, there's no dog in the game, since I'm sticking with only the animals shown on the dice, but it might be interesting to have a couple of the houses with a dog hanging out on a particular floor - like, maybe a room already filled with an animal - and a skunk can't stay in that house.

As this is for relatively young kids, I didn't want to throw too much at them at once. I'm cool with sacrificing complexity in this first version.

Regarding an update: I made some slight changes to the game after today's playtest.

  • The Raccoons & Opossums earn 10 bonus points to a player if they can draw a straight line up and down in a house with 3 matching animals (the score bonus requires 3 matching animals in a column).
  • Similar to above, the Beavers & Rabbits score a player a 10 point bonus if 3 of that same animal are in a row.

I elected to add these in so that although there's still competition for the Skunks, and the Squirrels are an attempt to "split the difference" in Animal Token utility, this adds an interesting wrinkle and possible competition for some of the other Animal Tokens.

Here's an IDEA... Because there is no DOG...

Maybe you have a DOG tile and somehow that prevents other animals to be added to a row (or maybe a floor)... The tile isn't one that you roll ... but something you pass around each turn from one player to another... It adds a bit of "Take-That" to the game... You were going to play 3 Skunks in a row and darn it... Your cousin plays the Dog tile and foils your plans on that turn.

Granted you could wait an extra turn and play your skunks once you are rid of the Dog...

IDK just offering up ideas. Cheers!

Note #1: Sort of a "Hot Potato". This introduces some, I know it's not really too deep "strategy", kind of way of "messing" with your opponent's well thought up plan!

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