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Changes to Game Editor

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The Game Crafter - Game Editor Changes - Sets

Last night we started the first of multiple major transitions in the game editing interface. First up are two-sided objects like Mats and Boards. They have become “Sets”. So instead of designing as single Skinny Mat, you can design a Set of mats. This allows sets to have a shared back image. But you can still override it so that each individual item in the set can have its own back too. This brings boards and mats into line with how decks and cards work.

This week we’ll also be transitioning slugged two-sided items, like chits, shards, and tiles to use sets. It makes it easier to proof and delete items as sets. It makes the user interface cleaner and faster as well. We hope you enjoy sets!

One last thing: We have also removed our old editor as it’s incompatible with this new set format without a lot of work. So all eyes are on the new editor that has already been out for several months now.

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