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TradeWorlds: Smugglers Run (Re-visiting the design)

This expansion idea is all about "Space Pirates". It's going to use custom clay chips (which are a bit less expensive than ceramic ones) ... And I want to have a Push-Your-Luck (PYL) mechanic as part of the expansion.

I had a concept ... But I want something with MORE "depth".

Originally I had a simple formula: 2x Credits + 5 Credits.

This gave rise to values like: 5, 15, 35, 75, 155 and 315.

But quite frankly ... It's too SHORT. While I kind of like the PYL mechanic, it's just NOT the right one for this expansion.

Some *NEW* ideas:

1> Each Pirate has a different ANTE. So 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 (maybe?)

2> The amount of Credits you earn for defeating a Pirate must be different from attacking another starship (or Tradeship for that matter).

3> There need to be limits to how much a Pirate can collect before being forced to "cash-out" (Cap/Limit).

These are the things that are on my mind... Really thinking about HOW to bring this expansion ALIVE!

From the component side it's very "light" which is why I like this particular expansion... It's do-able for a 3rd project... Adding things like warehousing and freight (from China). But still there is a very narrow amount of components ... So it's more manageable.

If anyone cares to comment, feel free to ask questions/offer feedback/share ideas... Cheers!


Who Is It?

So are the players in the role of Space Pirates, or do Space Pirates interact/interfere with the players through the course of an otherwise normal game?

Speaking of Tradeworlds

Have you ever considered to play the game how my cousin and I first played (by accident)

Also, I think you can only get an expansion out. Once the original game is even distributed.

What I know about the Design SO FAR...

Each player will choose to ADD 3 Pirates (of his choosing) to his her Deck as the game progresses. When players draw a Pirate then put that card into their HAND and may choose to PLAY it when the "RIGHT" starship is deployed.

So ALL players may have PIRATES!

See the Victory goal will be 500 Credits. Just TOO MUCH for a normal game... 100 Credits can run a bit long too (1.5 to 2 hours). So 500 Credits would be impossibly long.

That's where the PIRATES come in... Hehehe...

Their purpose is to EARN Credits QUICKER than traditional means. Given a PYL mechanic which allows you to RISK Credits to earn more than your fair share (I mean heck ... They are PIRATES!)

Something FUN like that...!

Remember XTG3 licensing...

X3M wrote:
Have you ever considered to play the game how my cousin and I first played (by accident).

Well see the thing is TIME. If you get too caught up on Space Battles the game can take a bit of time. And in such a scenario where it's the last on standing who is the winner... Players know it may take a bit LONGER than the advertised time of 90 minutes. Especially with 4 Players.

So making the game longer by requiring the amount of credits for each starship to be deducted from your Treasury ... Will no doubt make the game much longer than the 90 minutes (with 4 Players). But of course, if you prefer that method of play... Nothing prevents you from DESIGNING your OWN "Scenario" and making the rules downloadable (in a PDF for example).

The game is XTG3 licensed ... So we welcome people contributing rules, art and their own versions of what makes the game GREAT to THEM!

X3M wrote:
Also, I think you can only get an expansion out. Once the original game is even distributed.

Well right now the game is with the Manufacturer and the samples may happen perhaps only AFTER CNY. So we've probably got 20 or so days before the game is in PRODUCTION... Which is damn exciting, considering how long it has taken to get the game MADE!

I will be ecstatic when I get to see the "sample" and understand what it is that will be produced. And eventually sent to all the backers who have waited so long...

And one last note: if you like a LONG game instead of a SHORT version, well you are the exception. Most players like a tight game which wraps up in about 1 to 1.5 hours. And I've had much experience demoing with many different players (at cons, in stores, online, etc.)

So it's a matter of personal taste. Whatever speaks to you and how you enjoy the experience! In any event, the XTG3 licensing should become PARTIAL by 2022... And a website will be created to find people who have their OWN ideas about TradeWorlds and what excites them. Cheers!

Some early thoughts...

Each starship is composed of a minimum of three (3) cards:

questccg wrote:

1> A Starship which has a Capacity from 5 to 9.

2> A Weapon which has a Firepower from 1 to 5.

3> A Crew which has a Resistance from 1 to 5.

And so my early idea would be that the Credits a Pirate would walk away from a successful Attack would be the addition of these three (3) Stats.

This *idea* has a couple impacts:

questccg wrote:

A> The Minimum Credits would be 5 + 1 + 1 = 7 Credits.

B> The Maximum Credits would be 9 + 5 + 4 = 18 Credits.

Taking into consideration the OVERALL Credit Goal of 500 Credits ... This has a few implications:

questccg wrote:

I> With the minimum it would take 500 / 7 = 72 successful ATTACKS.

II> With the maximum it would take 500 / 18 = 28 successful ATTACKS.

In the interest of PACING the game... I feel like 20 to 25 successful attacks should be ENOUGH to WIN the game.

This means that there needs to be EXTRA credits available to be captured. How/Where/When??? IDK ... But I am working on it. 500 / 20 = 25 points per attack (on average).

Here's where the PYL (Push-Your-Luck) mechanic "kicks-in". See the idea would be that each progressive attack allows you to earn MORE credits than the first one. The easiest thing is something like a BONUS:

questccg wrote:

This *bonus* should increase from one attack to the next. And there should be limit (Cap). So maybe something like +5, +10, +15, +20 and +25. For a Pirate that can perform FIVE (5) successful attacks.

This would dramatically change the points to something like:

questccg wrote:

A> The Minimum Credits would be 7 + 5 = 13 Credits.

B> The Maximum Credits would be 18 + 25 = 43 Credits.

This is GREAT because the maximum means 12 successful attacks which is pretty decent. The minimum is 39 successful attacks... A bit still high... But (appx.) half of what we had before with 72 successful attacks.

And Pirates could have their OWN stats which vary... But are in a similar range: +10, +20, +30, +40, +50 (for example, double the earlier bonus). Or maybe: +5, +10, +15, +25, +40 (for something in-between both).

Definitely some really GOOD ideas for the PYL mechanic which is risky at the higher numbers...

So it seems like I have a SYSTEM indeed. Only took about 3 days of designing to get it to this stage! As usual, the problem are the stats...

The idea is to BALANCE out the Pirates so that each player has THREE (3) somewhat "unique" (We'll see if I can make them different to each race) Pirates to help steer the show!

As usual, if you have comments/questions/feedback/ideas please feel free to share ... Cheers!

Other things to consider

There needs to be a "Cash-out" stat which determines the MINIMUM of successes a Pirate needs to have to be "satisfied" with his "booty". So say a Pirate can perform UP-TO Five (5) attacks but he can "Cash-out" at three (3) attacks... Again the PYL mechanic lending a hand in BALANCING the game a bit.

This means that EACH Pirate would have a minimum of successful ATTACKS to "collect" his purse. Just something to ensure that the game gives a bit of wiggle room for "counter-attacks" and a chance to recover lost "booty"! Hehehe...

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