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New: Inkscape 1.0 Countersheets Extension 3.0 (CSV to cards, counters, etc)

Inkscape Countersheets Extension 3.0 is now available. Make cards, tiles, counters, standees, etc using Inkscape (WYSIWYG) plus spreadsheet data (CSV).

Now with support for Inkscape 1.0 and Python 3, and some other improvements like a way to faster change between different sheet layouts, distance to registration marks, fold line down center of sheet toggle for when printing both sides side-by-side.

Full changelog:

Thanks to Leszek Cimała, Jamis Buck and others for helping out with bug fixes, new features, bug reports, etc! I can't take credit for even half of the improvements in this release.


Instructions on project wiki:

Boardgamegeek forum thread:

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