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The Game Crafter - Testimonial - Travis Mullinix gets Tough Times into FLGS

We wanted to share an awesome testimonial. A game designer in our community named Travis Mullinix recently got his game, Tough Times, into a FLGS! (friendly local gaming store). This is always a fun thing to celebrate because it’s not an easy accomplishment. This photo really gave our team warm fuzzies and appreciation for how far our print on demand board game quality has come.

When we started in 2009, our offerings were humble and retailers weren’t interested in carrying them. Now, when you look at Tough Times on the shelf, you can’t even tell it wasn’t a traditionally manufactured game!

We know the cheap unit costs of traditional, long run game manufacturing is hard to beat for distribution/retail. However, we continue to scale up our business with equipment, automation, and efficient processes so that there are more opportunities for game designers to use print on demand game manufacturing. One way of making games more affordable is through Crowd Sales. The Tough Times crowd sale starts May 3rd so be sure to check it out.

Congrats Travis on getting your game into a retailer and we wish you the best of luck on your upcoming crowd sale!

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