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Old Town Road - An in-hand solitaire card game

Old Town Road is an in-hand solitaire card game about gunslingers traveling on the treacherous road leading to Old Town. Take out your adversaries along the route in the best sequence possible to score 3-card poker hands at the end of the game.

The game is comprised of 24 gunslinger cards and 1 Old Town card.

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Another user on created a version of the game!

A quote taken from that user:

If anyone else wants to try the game on, you can use this Old Town Road Public Room, or import old-town-road.pcio into your own room (Go to, choose any game (which will create the room), click the toolbox icon to edit, choose the room options tab from the bottom menu and then import room.) To play, just click "New Game." You can just slide cards from the deck on the left into the "Road" box, and click to flip them over. Also, just slide cards from the "Road" box to the "Town" box when they have been eliminated. A long click/press on a card will bring up a rotation menu.


So, I have an idea for a new special card (wild horse/mustang?) that if it reaches the far right end of road, you immediately place it on bottom of deck face up for bonus points. However, it takes up a slot (and maybe has a debuff aura) on the road since it’s something that cant be targeted, so it’s annoying while it works it way over there. You can have it run away at any time but obviously it scores nothing then.

Youll add it face down to middle of deck during setup AFTER you draw the first 6 gunslingers to guarantee it’s not in your opening hand.

I was thinking maybe it COULD have a passive debuff that reduces range of adjacent gunslinger on left by 1 or that gunslinger just can’t shoot since it’s “kicking up dust”. This creates a more interesting choice to let it run away or endure the debuff for the scoring bonus.

If 5 bonus points is boring, you could “tame” it as a poker wildcard (=wild horse) and hold it face up sideways in deck or between your back fingers until ready to use?

Thoughts? Have a better idea for what the thing is or it’s debuff and bonus?

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