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Just binged in 3 days watching the playthru of Diablo 1.

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And there are some interesting things that one can LEARN from the game:

  1. In the first five (5) minutes you can learn the STATS and their link with the Combat System.

  2. How un-climatic a end-game boss can be.

  3. How the equipment and upgrades system is a bit broken.

  4. How a repetitive game which is a pure rogue-like dungeon crawler was great at that time ... is now very average.

Let's start with Point #1

Learning about the STATS and how they work with the Combat System is real good. For 5 minutes of your time, you can get a good idea HOW the combat system work in Diablo I. Why do you care? Well in terms of computer games, this one is as SIMPLE of a "rogue-like" dungeon crawler as you can get. I personally think that watching the video for the explanation of STATS is worthwhile most people's time:

Diablo I, playthru video (1/10)

The ending

While there is a video with 3D Animation and all... The problem is that after pressing two (2) levers, Diablo is set free and can attack the player. Something a bit un-climatic because you would expect the END BATTLE to be more "highlighted". IDK maybe you get stuck in a ROOM with DIABLO and are magically contained until he is killed. Not allowing you to teleport to town and re-stock on health potions...

I just feel like for a End-of-game Boss Battle ... It was a bit boring as the final battle.

Equipment and Upgrades

Again not that it is really bad. But I think from Level 12 to 18 ... The player uses the SAME items he finds to finish the game. Which means that although he played 6 more levels, he didn't get any BETTER loot.

That too is a bid disappointing ... Because if the loot system is connected with the grind of the dungeon, you would want continually BETTER items as you progress from one level to the next. Granted that YES, maybe a sword or armor could last for 2 to 3 levels... I think there should be more "progression" at this level.

Average game play

This is yet another subtle point. What the game is trying to achieve is a rogue-like dungeon crawler. It is VERY repetitive even if the levels change every 3 to 4 levels and so do the enemies. But TBH I have my own "TableTop Game" which is also a "Dungeon Crawler" (In some ways) and I think my game provides MORE DEPTH that Diablo I.

Could this be because we've seen so many Dungeon Crawlers that making the NEXT "great" one ... Means that the design needs to literally be "out-of-this-world"??? Maybe. But I'm still working on that design... I just got a fresh couple of ideas just by watching the Diablo I playthru ...

I think watching all ten (10) videos got me better to understand the NATURE of "repetitive" gaming. And this game (Diablo I) is about as simple of a rogue-like Dungeon Crawler you will ever find. I'm not saying that this is the ONLY one... I'm just saying this is one that Game Designers can learn a lot from the STATS, Combat, Items, Depth of Play, Character Progression, etc.

It's got A LOT. And makes good use from what it requires... But of course this was a very NOVEL game AT THE TIME it was released! So this is a look-back and an understanding of what they did ... And what is still of value today.

Anyhow ... I'm glad that I watched the playthru because I did learn from it (as I have already shared with you all...)

Technical Detail: Resistances are MAXED-OUT at 75%. Meaning your resistance to FIRE is at maximum 75% leaving 25% for Diablo to do some major "fire-damage" as an attack. That is ONE (1) of several "technical" details that are worthy to understand and take note of.

I'll let other to watch the videos and see other such "details" which make the game WORK...


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