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September 13, 2021 update

The last few days have been busy at our pizza shop and I was exhausted so I went home after work and went straight to bed. The plan was to keep working on the last 10 chapter decks to be close to be finished with the prototype cards.

So, I'm rested and today is my day and I will plan to move slowly through out the week 1 prototype deck a night instead of 2 a night or actually the we hours of the morning like I did last week and the previous week of working my tail off as it were to get done.

That is what happens when you rush through your project but enjoy it and you exhaust yourself.

Okay, I wasn't really rushing it but I knew I could handle 7 hours of cooking at work then come home and stay up till 7 am to work on my project would be no big deal. Just a toll of not enough sleep and working extra hours is what made me crash hardcore for 10 1/2 hours of sleep last Thursday night to Friday morning.

Right now, or the last 2 nights I've been putting together 2 core decks to send to a fellow board and card game reviewer for this week or coming up next Monday to send out to him.

His blogger name is Logan Chops on Twitch and YouTube. He will be play testing the core deck with his friends where the whole team plays D&D Campaigns and other board and card games. So excited to have a follower/game reviewer to ask and test out my game on their live stream.

Oh and Ancient Garden prototype cards are complete but with no point system yet.


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