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September 30, 2021 Update

The following categories for the prototype cards text but no point system have been completed.

Caldeanna Sept 23, 2021
Monterello Sept 24, 2021
Safarono Sept 24, 2021
TriiDor Empire Sept 25, 2021
Minotaurians Sept 25, 2021
Trueheart Sept 25, 2021
King Dehm Sept 25, 2021

The point system will have the double 12 domino set.

The 12 Gem Stone categories has been titled:

Dymino Monsters: Trials and Tribulations

Each gem stone category will be a chapter deck.

The Gem stone categories point system will have the double 12 domino set with added points from 100 through 600.

I'm currently working on adding the + plus sign to the last 3 Gemstone decks and the last 184 non category encounter cards which will be added to the next chapter decks. What those chapter decks will be called is still being worked on.

Then to work on the blimps and balloon Transportation details for the last 10 factions mentioned above in this post.

Then to start the digital format and chapter deck stories and the last 4 production manuscripts and game play mats.

Dymino Monsters has 3 main core decks and consists of 64 chapter decks.

561 encounters left to fill in for the monster encyclopedia. These encounters will be for the diesel punk storyline

In other news:
September 30, 2021

As promised, I sent out 2 hand written first chapter core decks with :

• Rules
• Game setup
• 2d10 dice. 1 per each player.

My prototype cards will be demoed with Logan Chop Reviews and his game players/playtesters.


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