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Component Studio 2: Developer Diary #18

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The Game Crafter
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The font management system in Component Studio 2 helps you filter down from 1000s of fonts to just the ones you need in your games. Many features that we've added have come from your comments so please keep them coming!

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Was actually a very interesting video

What was very cool is the "community" tag-ing option. It's true that when we look for fonts on sites like DaFont and such ... Sometimes it is very HARD to find the fonts we are looking for because most websites DON'T "tag" their fonts.

And really that's a shame because it would make it SO MUCH EASIER to find the right font for your designs especially if they were tag-ed!

So kudos for adding that feature to the Font System... It will greatly benefit the community to have more "verbose" options to search for and FIND new and very exciting fonts useable in all kinds of context.

Cheers and keep up the good work.

P.S.: I do hope that you guys get your whole "Small Stout Box" supply issue resolved in November ... I know I'm using that format for a couple designs but am not actively working on them ATM.

P.P.S: My artist is in progress to finishing the box for "Crystal Heroes" and maybe I might WANT to get a physical proof ... But like I said that ATM I will have to wait until November for the resolution of the whole supply-chain issue.

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