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Doubling Symbols

The Flourish result doubles the number of meeples of a given type on a planet. But then it takes six meeples to upgrade to the next given type. This means however that you'll always end up with more than six meeples when you flourish the third time.

To cut down on pieces and make it simpler for the players involved, why not use a single meeple during this process? When grouping objects I always think to myself, "Three's the magic number." When Flourishing or Evolving, use the number of three as a threshold instead.

Also, if you plan on allowing any colours for plants or animals, I strongly recommend that symbols/illustrations are the same, or shapes are the same, so that animals and plants can be quickly assessed at a glance of the board.

On a different topic: I strongly suggest you streamline your Game Objective. It contains a lot of context without clarity, and this can muddle understanding of what players should be doing in your game.


How much playtesting has been done with Dark Forest so far?


I just noticed that in one case Watcher powers/abilities remove plants or animals from other planets. Plus, the Reap action removes plants or animals to develop Bots.

All this resource exchange needs to be tested for balance as soon as it's convenient for you. This could all be very fiddly and cumbersome should you let it grow out of hand. Be careful. :)

Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for your comments! Much appreciated. No playtesting has happened yet sadly, soon!

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