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April 29,2022 Dymino Monsters Update

This morning I finally got 3 more point system s completed for the following chapter decks:

1: Ancient Garden
2: The Cross of the Titan Triangle Temple
3: KingDehm

I will be working on the next chapter decks for the point system as follows:

1: Twin Sisters: Which consists of Circuit and Metal/Machine encounters.
2: Caldeanna Encounters.
3: Balleteonean Encounters.
4: True heart Encounters.
5: Monterello Encounters.
6: TriiDor Empire Encounters.
7: Minotaurians Encounters.
8: Safarono Encounters.
9: Tog Empire/State of the Companions Encounters.
10: Lordonamea Encounters.
11: 100 plus Miscellaneous Encounters.

Then to work on the weapon skill technique sets for the diesel punk characters. Which consists of 60 each for all 12 playable characters. That is 720 cards.

The new card count for Dymino Monsters is 10,856 cards. The previous card count was if I remember correctly was 9,256 I think? I added and deleted quite a huge chunk of cards or names from the old list card count.

The last encounter cards written above in this post are encounters that inhabit the surrounding locations which consists of 20 to 50 encounters.

I'm still working on the last 9 character backstories.

After that, it's the 4 production manuscripts, maybe the Lineage booklet. I'm still deciding on that project and that's it. Other than putting everything in digital format.


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