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A place to discuss games designed with standard decks of cards, dice and other generic materials

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Joined: 04/09/2012

I'd love to have a space where I can discuss some games I've been thinking about that require only generic cards (playing cards), dice, counters and such. I see there are lots of places to see about normal games with high themes and such, but I feel like I needa space for these specific kind of card/dice games where we can discuss each other ideas and even hold contests or workshops on designing with standard items. If there is already such a space, please let me know. Thanks!

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Joined: 10/28/2013
You could always post here a topic about this

Dedicating this topic to the discussions you want.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
You could also use your Personal > Blog

To talk about different aspect for your games in your Blog and "Prefix" the "Subject" with something like: "Game Name: title..." or "Game Name - title..."

Your Blog is for your personal games... Whereas the forums are to mainly discuss various design issues. So you could use your Blog to comment about the things that YOU are working on (your games).

And if you run into challenges or need some inspiration, you can post in one of the "Game Creation" Forums like "Mechanics", "Prototyping", "Playtesting", etc.

That's another way of using these forums to their best intended use.

Can't wait to see what you SHARE with the community! Cheers.

let-off studios
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Totally Up For This!

Just poking my head up out of my gopher hole to give a shout-out to games made with decks of classic playing cards and piecepacks. :)

I would definitely participate in a thread/blog/etc. dedicated to this topic, for sure.

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