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Game design book club (specifically, You Said This Would Be Fun)

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Hello all, I hope everyone here is well. Rich has recently acquired a copy of my design book "You Said This Would Be Fun" and suggested setting up a book club to go through the book together and discuss its chapters in a leisurely sort of way.

If this interests you, please respond to this poll:

There you can also sign up to be notified when it goes live (if it goes live, but probably it will).

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Interesting, I have never

Interesting, I have never been in a book club before. I always like philosophical discussions. Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough time this summer. My todo list is pretty huge.

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It may be a good idea for novices...

But most trained Designers know that PRACTICE and designing-more is what keeps you FRESH... And in my experience even an hour or so of pondering on someone's topic or thread (Original Post) leads to new ideas and nuggets of wisdom worthwhile sharing. As such, I post, moderate and administer

Combined with the multitude of projects that I have running... I'm more capable to wind down to some messages at the end of my day, or in the middle just to see what's going... And that keeps me up-to-date.

I read books, I mean I've bought some old books that I never got to reading, so when I moved I lost most of them. But there were some that I remembered and so I recently bought the entire series of 6 books for something like $45.

The bottom line, I really don't have the time for reading material and the discussing the content, etc. It's not really my cup of tea. But I do see a need for such a thing like people new to the hobby... It could help them understand some of the technical challenges that come with designing games.

And if the book is any way, shape or form of reality... One of the firsts lessons to LEARN is that it is a HARD Business making games. You've got to be sure you have sufficient staying power if you are going to call yourself a Game Designer. And most Game Designers want to get paid to work and achieving this is usually the hardest thing to do... Because as Game Designers we are usually the LAST person paid on a project.

Anyhow... Best of luck! I mostly simply have no time for this kind of weekly or monthly event and I just have ATM too much on my plate to commit to something regular. Like in my own designs, I work on them as there are new elements relative to the game that needed adding. When I run out of ideas or things to test, I move on to another design... And so forth.

Hope you do find a handful of people interested in reading and discussing your Game Design Book. Cheers!

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