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co-designer(s) wanted - open source CCG

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Joined: 07/13/2012
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We're, a truly free & open source customizable card game.

Our next milestone is to have finished (playtested & balanced) and released two pre-constructed decks this year. Feel like becoming a member of a CCG team? Know your card games? Then don't be shy - join us on the crusade, there are plenty of windmills ; ) We've been doing playtesting for a while but would love to strenghten our team.

Game is heavy MtG-inspired with the primary goal being 1) community owned 2) free and 3) legal.

Hopefully you like long term projects, are an adult, speak good enough English and are a somewhat experienced cardgame player with aspirations to create something great together.

Contact me on Discord for example if you want to become part of the team, would be nice with a partner to bounce ideas and do card designs and rule dev.

Discord -> snowdrop#6183 ...else mail at will work.

I'd answer questions in here also.

Random images of the game attached (WIP, nothing final currently, nevermind the cardtexts...)

Thanks for your time, and keep staying safe.

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