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My first adventure board game, what I have so far

Here's what I've created so far, and my ideas for moving forward. So this might be a little long, you have been warned.

Each hero has 4 abilities and 10 energy cards. Two abilities increase your Threat level by 1. One ability will not adjust your Threat level. Each of these abilities require energy which stays on the ability. At the end of each round you remove 1 energy from each ability and place it in a used pool. When all energy has been removed from an ability, you may use it again. This creates a cool-down cycle. At the start of each round you regain 1 energy from you Used pool. Since you will be spending more energy than you regain, your Forth ability is weak. However, it requires no energy to ensure you can always take an action and gain some energy back. It also reduces your Threat level by 1.
Regardless of the hero, each ability lets you roll a D6 for possible extra damage, reduced damage, or a possible miss. (Damage, Healing, maybe defense, depending on the hero.)

You start by defending the city, 2 fights designed to teach players how their heroes work together. You then gain 1 Mini-quest and 1 Bounty-quest. or you can fight in the fields as many times as you'd like. The fights in the field are designed to teach you how the dungeons will work. The Bounties will teach how the dungeon Boss will be like. All of these will supply gold for equipment and XP to level up.

As you gain XP during the game each hero will have two options for leveling up. The Archer could become a Ranger gaining an attack that causes Bleed, a magic attack, and a dual-attack. Or can become a Scout gaining a high-damage attack, and a Poison attack. I'll detail all 5 heroes later, that said. Mage -> Wizard / Sorcerer. Fighter -> Swashbuckler / Warrior. Healer -> Priest / Druid. Tank -> Defender / Paladin.

With each hero having 2 upgrade paths, I'm working on 2 story paths and such to allow a second playthrough to feel fresh. I can go into more detail about all of this later, I hope this gives a good idea of what I've got going and where I'd like to take this game. So far my friends enjoy it. I can't wait to be able to present a full game to them some day.

If you have any questions, or know of a game with a similar idea / mechanic I should look into I'm all ears. Thank you for your time everyone.


Are you going to have a board...

Maybe a board like: "Euphoria" could be of interest to you!

I've never played ... but I remember either reading or watching a video that showed how players could "unlock" different portions of the board. Some of the areas are "closed" to players unless the manage to "unlock" them.

I was just thinking with the Dungeon RAIDS ... Maybe this "unlocks" once a certain level or experience is achieved.

You mentioned starting in the "city" and learning how your Heroes work... So maybe the City is the starting location on your board and then you can have adventures in outside the city "in country-side" which could be your "fields" and you could use those to level up to prepare for RAIDS... And then maybe you have different locations like a "Tower" or a "Dungeon", etc.

I'm just picturing something like "Euphoria" in terms of the BOARD... Anyhow, just wanted to share with you this "board concept" about "unlocking" various areas on the board...

Feel free to use, adapt or ignore these ideas... Just some thoughts that I had when I read your thread.


Note #1: Here is a SAMPLE of the board (from Euphoria).

Anyhow ... This is just to show you that sub-terrain areas exist and must be "unlocked". And the aesthetics lead to different "PATHS" you may follow to have different types of "Adventures".

Again no worries if this doesn't interest you. Just some ideas that I wanted to share.

Note #2: Here is a VIDEO from Rodney Smith who makes and 25+ minute preview about the game. Again this is just to understand how the "unlocking" works... I believe he explains that in his video too.

No worries if this doesn't help you with ideas. It was just an example of HOW you could proceed with a BOARD in your game.

Note #3: In that same video here is more about the TUNNELS and how you can UNLOCK different areas:

Again just showing you somethings to look at and see how they work and could give you more ideas in how you wanted to divide various areas into a BOARD!

Note #4: Again this is just one (1) implementation. But the idea is to have a Worker that progresses on the track to eventually unlock access to another area on the board. This is a recap of the image and video, just to make it more clear. It's a bit trickier in "Euphoria", I'm just presenting you the "essential" ideas.

Players can work TOGETHER to unlock the various areas of the board!

Note #5: Another "concept" would be to have special kind of resource, each time you earn +1 of it, the Worker can move up/down the track that allows you to "unlock" a new area. Like for example a "Gold Coin" for the Dragon's Hoard (a "special" dungeon area in the game).

Again no worries if this doesn't HELP you. I'm just sharing some ideas.

In parallel to what I showed with "Euphoria"

Another option instead of "unlocking" you could have a RESOURCE COUNT. Like 10 "Gold Coins" allows you into the Dragon's Hoard Dungeon. 5 "Diamonds" allows you to go into the Magnificent Tower... And you can repeat each area until it is "conquered" (The boss is defeated, for example).

That could be another approach too!

thank you

I don't have a map yet, but I did want one. This gives me some ideas. I also like the idea of diamonds, might add some other gems. Thank you for the links too.

Some games that I played

If you look at the game X-com 2. You can develop characters with special abilities. There is always a choice for each level. Choose 1, and the other choice becomes unavaiable. If you choose one side all the time, the character is being specialized. Players can also make a mix. Sometimes with funny synergy effects.

The same can be said about the upgrades you can do in Starcraft 2. I am talking here about the faction specialities. Once again, choose 1, the other can't be chosen anymore.

Personally. I had a XP system as well in the past.
Units could increase one of the 4 statistics; health, damage, movement speed, attack range.
While health and damage where more of an upgrade.
movement speed and attack range had a double edged sword in some cases. It would be a waste of XP if the attack range was too much already. It would also be a waste of XP if the movement speed was overkill.

Here are the most basic gemstones

Craeneium wrote:
...This gives me some ideas. I also like the idea of diamonds, might add some other gems...

The standard gemstones are:

Ruby (Red), Diamond (Clear), Emerald (Green), Onyx (Black), Sapphire (Blue).

I too am planning to use those gemstones for a collaboration with one of our other members. We're working together to get a more impressive design and see what we each can bring "to the table" (so-to-speak)!


Check out these babies from TGC

Let me know what you think of these "gemstones" from The Game Crafter (TGC)! All the very best... Keep on designing and I hope this gives you some inspiration.


Any new developments???

Are you still actively working on this design?! Would like to hear more news about your future plans in what you hope to achieve in the game. You seemed like you were on the right track, I don't agree with some of the other comments in your other thread that cite your concept is "nothing new"... I rather say it depends on how you implement everything in your game. From there we may similarities to different games depending on how you design various elements in your game.

@Kenny keep up the good work and hopefully you'll have an update for us soon!

deffinitly still wroking

My apologies for the delay. I was struggling with balancing the field fights. Found a simple solution, then my printer broke. It actually said, "Turn me off, unplug me, and take me to a repair shop." Machines can have such an attitude.
I think I'd like to start making the print and play version. Mostly so people could have a better idea of my game and how it works. Any suggestions? And is there a spot for those on this site?

I'd like to give the PnP a go

Printers are like that - you were probably pushing its buttons ;)

Can you provide a link to the pdf files (game rules and printable pieces) on Dropbox or Googledocs?

I'm new here too but I think the best spot for discussing and promoting your own game designs is right where you are in your Blog. Or perhaps in the Game Journal...which I think is similar.

I'm keen to see how your game works because I also have a design with a similar theme, though completely different mechanics.

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