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Tumblemine: bigger board with two players


See attached GIF (hopefully the animation works). This is another try with this idea of miners digging through dirt (green discs), collecting gold (yellow discs), letting rocks (grey) fall into the water (blue) which then splashes up. This time there are 2 miners trying to get the gold and trying to outsmart each other, but at this stage the game is not developed enough for anything interesting to happen. But just like a gold miner, I feel that if I keep digging then I'm sure to hit gold!



The GIF works great, and definitely gives me a feel for the game.

What you're going for here reminds me of classic arcade games like BoulderDash, but turn-based and on a tabletop. Seems like it could be a lot of fun for two players. I imagine that setting up traps and sabotaging your opponent would be a big part of the game.

Keep at it! Best of success on your design...!

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