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Lunchtime Game Challenge at The Game Crafter

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The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Lunchtime Game Challenge

Eat Lunch and Board Game is a podcast dedicated to reviewing games that can be played over a lunch hour. In today’s work environment, especially as we are all coming back to the office, what better way to meet or reintroduce yourself to your coworkers than over a board game?

Adam Collins, host of Eat Lunch and Board Game, has started lunchtime gaming at his current job, and a few prior places as well. He has strived to get people out of their cubicles, away from YouTube video watching, and to the game table to breakdown walls and barriers. Gaming together over lunch has helped to get to know each other, build lines of communication, and make the workspace a little smaller.

In his last position, he met his now business partner in Bearded Board Games. They design and develop games, the first of which was designed to be played in a lunch hour. It was even playtested by other coworkers in the office.

Adam is looking for a new game to play with his coworkers over lunch. The game should incorporate player interaction. Theme and mechanics are open. Player count and play time are of the utmost importance here. The game should be playable in 45 minutes so set up and tear down can take it to 60 minutes, and it should be playable by at least 2 to 4 players. Six players would be the preferred. As gaming groups grow, everyone wants to play for the trophy.

Full details on the Lunchtime Game Challenge are available at

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