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Raiding Guild Adventures

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Hello everyone. So before I joined, before I even knew about BGDF, I had a pretty good start on my game. I thought I had to have a prototype before looking for help with my game. You guys are so amazing! There's a feeling of friendship, being able to joke while helping, inspiring and encouraging each other. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this.
After beta testing myself, my 2 friends have beta tested the first 3 scenarios. I will do my best to upload all the info to that point as quickly as I can. Images that I'm using are just what I find on the internet.
Sorry it took so long to get this uploaded for you. And I am open to ideas anyone has about my game.

Thank you for your time,

Raiding Guild Adventures

[ Introduction ]
Welcome to Raiding Guild Adventures, where cities need saved, dungeons
need looted, and raid dungeons challenge adventurers to conquer them.
In this cooperative game players will create an adventuring party.
They will gain new abilities, special skills, and achievements. And after
finding a Raid Dungeon and daring to enter, if fortune smiles upon them,
live to sing sonnets of their glory and victory.

[ Welcome ]
Welcome to Adventure Guild City, currently under renovation by angry
goblins. You will need an adventuring party to get rid of them. First
we need a Tank whose role is more about receiving damage than dealing
damage. Give this player the 4 Tank Ability cards and the matching
Adventurer card. Next we need a Healer to keep the Tank (and other
adventurers) alive. Give this player the 4 Healer Ability cards and the
matching Adventurer card.
Finally you need the damage dealing adventurers. This is
the Archer, the Fighter, and the Mage. Each player chooses a damage
dealer and is given the 4 Ability cards and matching Adventurer card
for that adventurer. If you are playing with less than 5 people, players
are encouraged to play 2 adventurers until you have a party of either 4
or 5. For each adventurer a player has, give them 1 playmat, 1 die,
1 Threat marker, 10 energy cards (currently just blank cards will do), Health tokens equal to their health, and 1 turn order card.

[ How To Fight ]
When you choose an ability to use, you will first pay the Energy Cost (A). Place the number of Energy Cards under the Ability Card. Then you need to adjust your Threat Marker either up or down the number indicated by the Threat Icon (B).
Now you may perform the Ability (C). Roll your attack die and see if you achieve a Critical Hit (D) or Critical Miss (E) during your action. The bonus (F) or penalty (G) are indicated directly to the right of each one.
There are 6 starting actions. Melee Attack (C1) / Ranged Attack (C2) /
Magic Attack (C3) / Healing (C4) / Physical Shield (C5.1) (C5.2) /
and Magical Shield (C6).
So if you use Thrust Attack, you would place 2 Energy Cards under
Thrust Attack. You would then move your Threat Marker right one space.
Now you roll your die, increasing the damage by 2 if you roll a "6".
If you roll a "1" or "2" you will decrease the damage by 1.
If you use Defensive Stance you will gain the Shield (C). Rolling a "6"
will add a Magical Shield (F), while rolling a "1" will decrease the Shield defense value. Gray Shields (C5.1) are applied to the Adventurer who used it, while Blue Shields (C5.2) may be applied to the Adventurer of your choice.
Using an ability such as Quick Shot and rolling a "1" will result in a
Miss. Please note that your Threat will NOT increase nor decrease.
Abilities such as Mend Wound allow you to heal ANY Adventurer. Each
Adventurer starts with one Ability (D1) which costs NO Energy to use allowing each Adventurer to have an option when they run out of Energy. Also note that your Threat will Decrease by 1.
At the end of the Round, step 4) Cool Downs, you will remove 1 Energy Card from EACH Ability. These will go to your Used Energy Pool. So a higher Energy Cost means a longer time before you will be able to use it again. Then step 5) Recover 1 Energy is when you gain 1 of these cards back to your Energy Pool.

[ The Enemy ]
Place the 3 City Fight cards in a stack on the table with City Fight 1
on top, City Fight 2 in the middle, and City Fight 3 on the bottom. Then
gather the Enemy cards listed on City Fight 1. Note that a party of 5
will have a few extra enemies.
Monsters have the same icons for attacks and defense. Their Health is
listed on the Heart icon (C7). Give each monster health tokens equal to
their health.
There is also a Wall Icon (C8). Monsters with a Wall Icon at the
BOTTOM of their picture are placed in the TOP row. Monsters with a Wall
Icon at the TOP of their picture are placed in the BOTTOM row. This
represents monsters such as the Goblin Mage and Goblin Archer who hide
behind monsters such as the Goblin Fighter. While you can attack monsters
in the back row with ranged attacks (C2 & C3), you can only attack with
melee (C1) after ALL front defenders are vanquished.

[ Defend The City ]
Now it's time to fight! After you defeat City Fight 1, you may attempt
the next fight. Continue as far as you can, then reveal Event Card 1.


I really like that it is "card-based"... But

Will you have a BOARD?! Something like you must reach the top of the Mountain of Volkanor before the awakening Volcano spews Hot Lava all around the surrounding forests, plains and nearby villages and cities...!

And there could be some "intrigue" too... Why has the Volcano suddenly awoken or is about to awake. Who and what has been involved in this Event which threatens all nearby wilderness and populace?!

Could be a band of Necromancers or a Dark Sorceror or maybe even a group of Corrupt Druids that are capable to TAP into nature... TBD.

Anyhow I like the idea. It's just I feel you would need some BIG BOARD to go along with the locations on the board that are to be explored. Would be EPIC IMHO...! I don't usually like "designing" boards... But in this context, I believe the game would GREATLY BENEFIT from one.

Cheers @Kenny... Keep working on your project and hopefully bring it to LIFE!

Great Ideas

I am planning to have a map to explore. That first Event Card will be,
"The Mayor's daughter was kidnapped and taken to the East. Also, the crown was stolen and taken to the South. If you can retrieve one, we have another Adventurer party that will secure the other."
That said, I love your idea, and would like to add it as a possible direction for the Adventurers.

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