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Listen to your playtesters

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Once in a while. You improve your game by popular demand.
But the feedback can be the opposite of what your playtesters demanded.

Here is my little story.

My players demanded a rework of the Assault units and "hit a moving target".

I did so.
But I also had some mechanics reworked that my players liked.

My players want to have a hitting chance on moving targets, at any range.
I removed that with my new mechanics in regards to hitting moving targets. A maximum attack range of 6 was the case... 7 or more would also result in the same numbers. Which was always 0 damage...
Still I designed in such a way that the old mechanic could also be used to some degree.

Which was a good choice. Since everyone wanted me to keep the chain of 5/6th penalties.
Now I have improved my attributes.
Brought more balance to the game.
And made the game more interesting.

The Professor
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I haven't delved into that area for a post yet, but you're absolutely right. Now, not everything your playtesters bring you is gold. Sometimes it's dross, but even in that you can find the things that don't work too. Having a healthy bench of 3-6 playtesters has worked for numerous titles to which I've been a part of the process.

I enjoy serving as a playtester and receiving feedback from playtesters, especially when they serve in a blind playtesting environment. They often interpret rules in a way you could not have foreseen.

Glad the feedback proved helpful!

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