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For my current work. I need "squads" for walls to remain buyable. For example, you buy 5 for a cost of 3.

But when it comes to units that actually can deal damage. I am not sure if using squads as, A WHOLE GROUP IS ONE PIECE, will be balanced.

I am looking for a lot of variations of certain units. And discovered that using the squad factor, I have much more options. Basicly, this is the replacement of different health. But the squad factor includes the weapons...

At first I was blinded to use 2 or 4 in a group as 1 piece. But I even discover designs where you have 16 in a group and this group just so happen to cost 17. Stuff like that actually made me wonder if it is even a smart idea to do this. I don't want to use different health. And the walls where already an exception.

But multiple units shooting as one group is a very bad idea.


Maybe I can allow this to some extend, IF, I can find a correct and balanced way to do this.

2 separate units deal 1 + 2 damage over time.
2 units in a group deal 2 x 2 damage over time.

But how does this translate?
If we use 2 units, their durability is 2.
So if we have 2 units in a group, the body weight would double.

When looking at the weapon weight, this will increase when being in a group. Normally the damage reduces when soldiers die. But a group remains completely active. So the damage will not reduce.

In fact, if I use a group. The total damage goes from triangular to squared proportions.
Thus squared divided by the triangular number would be the factor for the damage. On top of the simple factor?

Perhaps I should include this factor on the damage?
But what I will be missing is a clear overview of which units could benefit from being in a group piece.

The body weight is simply:
Wbody * N

Anyway, the factor that I should use on the weapon weight:
Wweapon * N * 2 * N^2 / (N^2+N)

Some numbers to give you an idea of how complex this will be:
1: 1
2: 8/3
3: 9/2
4: 32/5
5: 25/3
6: 72/7
7: 49/8
8: 128/9
9: 81/5

As you can see, this is way to complex for comfort.
But I will include it anyway. Because that 8/3 and 9/2 might help in the future.

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