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Help in managing STATs, your input requested!

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questccg wrote:
If we have dice that preserve STATS and those dice vary in values as per decisions made by the player each turn... What happens when an opponent DEFEATS a "Duel Bot"???

What I mean is that Bot is eliminated and the next "Duel Bot" is in play. But if STATS are RESET to 0... This means the opponent has an unfair advantage IF the winning Bot gets to keep his STATS.

What are the possible STATs that I am talking about? Here's a complete list as it currently stands:

1> D4: Rate of Fire = determines how many times a weapon may used per TURN.

For example: a "3" means that this weapon can FIRE "3" times per turn and do three times (3x) the "Damage rating".

2> D6: Weapon Load = determines how many different types weapons may be used and/or configured.

For example: a "3" means that the following combinations are possible:

"1-1-1", "2-1", "3"

3> D8: Damage Rating = determines how much damage a weapon may be deal.

For example: a "2" means this weapon deals "2 DMG" per attack.

4> D10: Firepower = determines how much energy is available to attack the opposing "Duel Bot"

5> D12: Coolant Level = determines how much heat can be absorbed per TURN.

While all this MAKES "sense" ... My problem is what happens when a PLAYER defeats his opponent's Bot.

questccg wrote:
Let's make a few assumptions before we move forwards:

#1. All these STATs start at "1" each as both players reveal their "Duel Bot".

#2. Only the D8 + D10 grow by "1" Point per TURN "automatically".

#3. Players allocate "1" Point per turn to one of the OTHER dice: D4, D6, D12.

While all this WORKS during the First (1st) Round of combat... The question that I am having is:

"What happens when ONE (1) 'Duel Bot' is defeated???"

The NEXT Bot the player who lost the first duel, must start from SCRATCH again.

But what do we do with the WINNING Bot???

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Duelling Bots

I can only see this one post, and feel like I am missing a whole thread.

That being said, if the losing bot gets reset to zero and the winning bot gets to keep its stats, I can think of a few choices.

1 - The losing bot doesn't get reset to 0 but must take some other kind of penalty for losing.

2 - The winning bot doesn't get to keep its stats but gets some other kind of reward or beneficial battle modifier for the upcoming fight. For instance the winning bot could get a second 'loadout'. It can't use both and be over powered but it can choose between the two loadouts for advantages.

3 - The winning bot can become a game controlled champion bot. A new round begins with 2 Duel Bots and the winner can face the 'champion bot' for ultimate victory?

Thematically what is happening here? Sometimes that can answer the question.
Two fighters in an arena, the loser just loses.
Two overlords controlling duel bots to battle each other, winner and loser bots get reset to baseline after each battle. This is part of the competition rules, agreed upon before the duel.
Two indestructable bots facing off against each other. The losing bot gets reset to baseline to challenge the victor a second time in hopes of winning. Possibly the loser learns from its mistakes or has discovered some weakness to exploit against the winning bot? The winning bot doesn't learn as much because we learn more from failure and defeat then victory?

let-off studios
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Choose One, Opponent Chooses

The winner chooses one STAT improvement to keep, and the loser chooses one of the STAT improvements the winner didn't choose and applies that to the next Duel Bot they use.

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