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Trying some new "weird" rolls. Your oppinion?

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I am experimenting with the rolls feeling a bit more of a fight when just a very few units are on the board.

This means that there will be more rolls in a chain. But each roll will mean something.

For a grenadier that has to throw a grenade. I thought of the following:

1. The throw itself is an accuracy roll. How well will the grenadier throw the grenade? If it fails. It fails 100%.

2. Then a normal accuracy roll takes place, like every other projectile. Will it be close enough or not? This will be the true hit.

3. Then...if it is close enough. Is it perhaps even closer? Thus doubling the hit. If this fails, it is still 1 hit. If it succeeds however, there are 2 hits.

4. Then, because the explosion is rather heavy for infantry. The damage roll will get extra damage too. There will be 1 roll per hit.

The accuracies are:
4/6 for the throw.
4/6 for the "hit".
4/6 for the 2nd "hit".
d6+2 per hit.

Most infantry have like 4, 5 or 6 health.
The link:
Looks like the SD is almost equal to the average.

If this grenadier has a bigger target, it is able to roll 2 dice to begin with.
In a sense, the damage dice would range from 0 to 4. Each dealing a minimum of 3 damage.


What I like about this is that the SD is rather large compared to the average.
But also that these grenadiers will be usefull against targets that have 6 or less health. Yet, they can deal the damage against bigger targets as well. Or at least have synergy with some fodder.

So, what do you think?

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To precise

Seems I am working to precise again.
By now, I have 2 replacement mechanics in the game.
Both are spanner in the works.

Penalty roll replacements
Why roll twice if a player can apply this rule?
Roll once and have better chance on top of it!

Dice replacement
The replacement technique is very new to the game(s).
Turns out that the grenades already have d6+2.
The modifier..... idk, it has to be different for certain!!
It won't work together.


I cannot use the mechanic unless I have strict rules about it.

Penalties? I could separate the accuracy rolls from the rest. Period.

2. Replacement dice are a no go and feel like BS to me now.
This mechanic is new to me. And not even used by the others.
I only recently returned with the intentions of continuing.
I need to return to that topic first I guess.

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I don't like much chains of

I don't like much chains of roll in board games. I rather roll all dices at the same time. Or multiple dices of different colors at the same time rather than having conditional rolling one after the other.

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