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PVP combat game, is it ok to use combat mechanics from existing games?

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Hi folks, I'm currently designing a pvp combat game and I want the combat mechanics to be basically the same as Zombicide, which is a very successful and known game. Weapons cards would have the same information on them as Zombicide cards - Range of weapon, number of dice thrown, result needed for success, damage points done by each hit. There may be other games by different manufacturers that also use this mechanic, but I don't know.

My questions are - would this be a copyright issue?
If no, would this be frowned up by gamers? I don't want people to criticise the game because it uses another game's mechanic, but it works perfectly for the design of my game.

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Using mechanics is permissible ... However

Using the SAME THEME combined with the SAME STATS ... Will not be positive.

What I mean is IF YOUR "Theme" is Zombies and you USE the "Stats" from Zombicide that's probably a No-no.

If however you have a DIFFERENT "Theme" and you can get away with some DIFFERENT "Stats" too... Well then I see no reason why your cannot borrow SOME of the mechanics used by Zombicide.

It's not Copyright, mechanics are fine to use and are NOT protected by law... But if you have the SAME commonality in terms of the games themselves... Well that would NOT be recommended.

But instead of Zombies you are making a game about "Mercenaries" (IDK ... You tell us!) well then using the COMBAT and MAYBE seeing if you can vary the Stats. Other ideas to HELP when borrowing a combat mechanic:

Use different STAT names.

If Zombicide has "Strength" use "Power" for example. Change the NAMES to something else which is SIMILAR yet DIFFERENT.

I tried to google the Zombicide Combat and there are way too many rules. IDK what you are trying to achieve but it seems overly complicated and specific to Zombicide (If you ask me...)


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