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Legitimacy - PnP Released!

Just released our second major PnP board game!



As usual we look forward to your input to help make it even a better game before we go to print!


The kingdom of Legitimant is in turmoil. The old king has died, leaving no legitimate heir... He has, however, left several illegitimate ones.

Since you were an infant, your mother has told you of the royal blood that runs in your veins. Now the time has come for you and your trusty animal sidekick to set out on an epic quest to fulfil your destiny and claim the throne that is your birthright.

Whether you choose to follow a path of righteousness or use every dirty trick in the book, you’ll need nerve, cunning and just a little luck as you assemble an assortment of strange creatures and magical objects to out-manouver and overpower your rivals and prove that you are, indeed, the one true heir of Legitimacy!

Thanks for your time,
James Mathe
Minion Games

P.S. We're always on the look out for great games to publish in PnP and take to print/distribution. Let us know about your game!

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