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Artwork test by an non-artist

Artwork test by an non-artist

This is a piece of artwork I made with the gimp for my new game. It was some sort of test to see if I could do some decent artwork electronically even if I did not have any drawing talents.

It took me approximately 3 hours to do it. I have been mostly be using the bush, the air brush and the blur tool. The only exception are the shields.

That piece of artwork will probably fit in a 1 inch circle on the board. Which mean that the picture will probably be much smaller which indirectly hide all imperfections in the picture (ex: you do not see brush stroke when small).


Also, I have considered it to

Also, I have considered it to be relatively easy to do. Maybe I'll try to do a step by step procedure to show people how I'll do my next work.

Looks great

Just shrunk it down to 1" and it looks great, especially the shadow on the sail

For a non-artist...

For a non-artist you did a really good job. The perspective lines of the ship and sail look right and, when shrunk down to the size you need, I think it will look wonderful!

That is AWESOME work man

That is AWESOME work man

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