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Non-Artist Art: Dot art Testing

Non-Artist Art: Dot art Testing

I tried something new that I will call dot art. I was trying to know if I could make reasonable artwork using brushes, color gradient and jittter. I tried only to use the same kind of brush, but you could use various kind of brushes with the same technique. When everything was done, I just blured everything.

I wanted to do something that could be done pretty fast and that could still be intelligible. The work took approximately from 45 Minute to 1 hour which is very intestesting. This drawing was not taken from a model, it came directly from my mind. Which mean that some shapes could be odd. But that was my secondary goal. By having an imprecise brush, does drawing an imprecise shape would still give good results?

After showing my picture to my girlfriend, she explained to me that I should have not placed the waterfall in the central part of the picture. All important elements should be placed at 1/3 of the picture's side or top/bottom, not in the center. That is something I should keep in mind for the next time.

What do you think?

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image | by Dr. Radut