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Inexorable Board Game Design – Constructing Gateways

I felt the need to put some thoughts down on paper, so here's a wall-of-text file for anyone who's so inclined. (the file is in OpenOffice format).



Perhaps you should offer a thesis statement or some point that you intend to prove at the beginning of your text. Something to catch my attention and compel me through the pages. Because "That's alot to read!"

A very short objective works best.

(To be fair you warned me)

Nice contribution

"The pitfalls the possibilities, the perils and the promise." - Dr Emit Brown

actually, i thought my first

actually, i thought my first sentence after the definitions was exactly that. (maybe not compelling, but i can't imagine most people want to read my rambling anyway) ;)

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the article.

I think that such nonspecific ideas are just what the community needs to improve its games.

Specific feed back helps one person, your article (and those like it) can educate many.

Good Work

Eric M

Open Office

Sorry, I dont have it installed but would like to read your article. I think openoffice can create .doc ?

ok, i've attached a .doc one

ok, i've attached a .doc one now as well.

Good stuff!

Good article, that really makes you think.
Sometimes, when I design a game, I lose myself into thinking "will this mechanism work?", while the real question should always be "will this mechanism be FUN for the player?", and your article puts the focus on this in some way.

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