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Following in the trail blazed by InvisibleJohn and T Worthington, Clever Mojo Games has launched a project to seek funding to offset printing costs for our Alien Frontiers project. After less than two days we're already half-way to our $5,000 goal, so it's looking good. Still, it can be said that the first days are the easiest as the most enthusiastic fans jump on board early. We will have to wait and see if the fence-sitters and newly exposed gamers sign on to take us over the top.


Do you believe in aliens?Do

Do you believe in aliens?Do you know where they come from?Aliens, another life form that has been portrayed in films for years, may exist. Really, like we have not heard that one before, we are always being thrown ideas of extra terrestrial life. The assumption of Stephen Hawking aliens is being carried all over America. It could be worth listening to and getting an idea of his ideas. He is an very intelligent man, and may be paving the road to a new form of knowledge. However, how come we believe other life forms might exist now, but haven't thought it for centuries before?

suspension of disbelief

I don't think you must believe in Extraterrestrials to enjoy a game or movie about them.

I use ghosts, magic and monsters in some of my games and I don’t believe they exist.

Nice movie.

I like your "pitch" movie. It's well done. I'm flattered and glad that our Inevitable project inspired you to try Kickstarter too.

I'm going to go sponsor your game right now.

...and the Steven Harking rant looks like bogus linkspam to me.

Thanks John!

Thanks for sponsoring Alien Frontiers on Kickstarter, John! We're only $300 from meeting our goal. :-)

spam removed -seo

spam removed

...only $250 now...

You're only $250 from your goal now. That's fantastic!

I'm really glad that Kickstarter worked out for you. I'm also really glad to see more board game projects on Kickstarter.

I think the next one I launch on Kickstarter will be focus just on pre-orders with the option to "over-pledge" for super special rewards. I also think the next project will have a much lower retail price point.

Hi, congratulations on the

Hi, congratulations on the ways things are going. I hope you'll make it through the last stretch. By the way, I couldn't find any information on shipping and handling. Is there a standard fee for residents outside the US, when they're interested in your game?

Alien Frontiers Shipping

If you're backing our Alien Frontiers project through then worldwide shipping is included in every reward level. No extra fee. Plus you get bonuses like Rocket Scoring Tokens and an Exclusive Alien Tech Card for Backers Only. Offer ends June 26th.

If you pre-order the game after June 26th you'll have to do it through our web site via paypal. The cost of the game will be $40 + $5 shipping in the USA or $10 shipping everywhere else.

If you wait until the game is officially released (looks like Sept or Oct 2010) then the price will be $40 + $10 shipping in the USA or $20 shipping everywhere else.

Thanks For The Support

Jon...and everyone else who is backing our Alien Frontiers project on want to give you a big hug and tons of thanks. We blasted past the $5,000 goal in less than two weeks and are cruising just shy of $8,000 right now. Since the actual printing costs are likely to be around $15,000 every extra Backer is $50 or more that I won't have to drain from my savings account.

If you're not backing our project yet, then come on over and check out out video and our might like what you see.


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