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Fallen Kingdoms cover prototype 1

Fallen Kingdoms cover prototype 1

This is my first attempt to make a game cover.

According to my girlfriend, the colors are not good and I should have used gold letters instead. She also said that the format could be OK for the rule book, but for the box, it should be in landscape format.


Design feedback

I'm a web developer but i think there are some universal design rules so heres my feedback;

The background image could be sharper.

Whether you do landscape or portrait layout depends on the box size and how it will sit on the shelf. Keep in mind mostly just the spine will be displayed and the box will occasionally be slid out and handled if you are lucky - but the text really needs to work on that most likely orientation.

Sadly, I have honestly just gone straight past games who's name i couldn't even read because of poor font. I like the font you have chosen for the large text - you could make more impact by splitting
enlarged and centred over 2 lines. the subtitle is so small i did have to try to read it too hard - cant you use the same font throughout? I certainly would NOT have gold text colour on that green and gold cover pic as the contrast would be way too minimal.

Sounds like an interesting game concept - where do we find out more?

I does look somehow dry

I think the use of the norse theme can really spice up the picture, at least with some (drakkar?) ships and a sea monster.

The title could be larger, and you could add a drop of blood falling from a tip of a letter, or some cracks as if the letters were carved in stone (after all, Kingdoms are "fallen" not "rising", so the ruins look could fit).

Have you thought of a subtitle (more like a slogan), something like "Rise, Conquest and Survive as long as you can..." (you figure)

The game description "A game of..." I'll put it in the bottom, adding some adjectives and the number of players. For example: "A game of clever production, wreckless expansion, and bloody invasions, for 2 to 4 players". (please figure something better than this)

Finally, add a line for "Game Rules".

My 2 cents. Keep thinking!

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