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Joined: 07/21/2008

I was just wondering which BGDF members, if any, will be attending BGG.con in November.

I've been to every BGG.con, and it's really an amazingly fun experience. A great chance to play lots of games, but even moreso a chance to make, see, and game with friends from around the country. I have met people there who I've corresponded with over the internet, as well as people who live in my city but never go to any gaming events here.

Every year I post a geeklist on BGG for people to "sign up" to play unpublished prototypes. I'm not the only designer who brings prototypes to the convention, and this sign up list serves as a sort of aggregator for interest. I always try to sort of schedule a time for some of these games once they have interest, and often that schedule slips or changes, but it's better than nothing and I've had people play (and enjoy) my games several times. If anyone's going, and you have a prototype to bring with you, I recommend adding it to this geeklist and drumming up some interest.

Geeklist in question:
Last year's geeklist of this type:

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Joined: 07/27/2008
I'll be there. I'd like to

I'll be there. I'd like to meet fellow BGDFers and perhaps do lunch or dinner.

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Joined: 08/02/2008
I'm Going

I attended the con the last two years. Last year I had the intention of meeting up with other designers, but since it was my Dad's first gaming convention (woot!) I ended up just playing games with my group the whole time. This year, I really want to take some time out to play some prototypes and/or discuss game design.

Joined: 10/02/2008
I'm in!

I'll be there this year from Friday onward.

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color me green. Have fun

color me green.
Have fun y'all.

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