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Survey about board gaming and board game development!

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Please help us by filling out our survey!

The goal is to be able to offer tools and opportunities for game developing and beta-testing. Both with our games, but of course also with yours.

Thank you in advance!
Acabo Games

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Welcome to the forum

Well, a publisher from Sweeden I've never heard about (that's probably me). Anybody played their games? Hulken? Anyone?

Hope this is not just a one time spam post. If it's not, welcome to the forum!

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My friend got one of there

My friend got one of there games this cristmas. Basicly it is TP but with mor targeted questions. And some gameplay variations (I think, can not remember what he said). It is not games for every one, he got the sciense one (I am not shore what the name was) but it was a lot of qwuestions on topics such as chemestry and math. Basicly You have to have studied the subjects in the university to have a sporting chance.

By the way he said it was fun...

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