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You control an alien insect hive. You must use the combined strength of your hive mind to defeat your opponent. Watch out though, lose your Queen and you lose the game.
Each player starts out with one Queen and one Worker. The Queen gives one Hive Mind point, for each Hive Mind point you may order one unit per turn, each Brain gives one Hive Mind point. When a unit is not ordered it does its default action.
Types of units: Workers, Soldiers, Queen and Brains.
Workers may take one three actions when ordered, 1. Move 2. Gather Food 3. Build, Default Action: Gather Food if on a Food spot, if not do nothing
Soldiers May take one of three actions when ordered 1. Move 2. Attack 3. Defend, Default Action: Move Forward, if there is an enemy in range then attack.
Queen may take one of two actions 1. Move 2. Birth, Default Action: Do Nothing
Brains may take only one action 1. Move Default Action: Do nothing
The game is played on a hex board with one player on each side. Food spots are on preset positions on the board. All buildings and units cost food to make. Workers when on a food spot may use the gather food action to gain 5 food. Workers when within 2 hexes of the Queen or another building may be sacrificed to build a building. All workers may move one hex when using the move action.
Soldiers come in different types, Warrior Ant, Fire Ant, Leader Ant, Siege Ant.
Types of Buildings
Farm: May be built on a food hex, workers gather 10 food per turn now.
Fire Chemicals: May now upgrade Soldiers to Fire Ants.
Military Academy: May now upgrade Soldiers to Leader Ants
Tunnelers Division: May now upgrade Soldiers to Siege Ants
Tower: Deals one damage to any ant that starts its turn next to the tower or moves adjacent to the tower.
Wall: Has high health
Silo: Increase maximum food storage
The game is won by killing the enemy Queen.

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I like it

There is already a game called HIVE about losing your queen, but that seems to be the only thing you have in common. I like the sound of it so far though.

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I like it, too!

Just a quick comment:

At the beginning you said the players control and alien insect hive, but later on you describe the different soldiers as ant types. Ants are terrestrial...unless these are alien ants, but you might wanna come up with something more alien, or change the game to be consistent with Earth-like creatures, (or make up your own alien ones.)

That small suggestion aside, I really like this idea!

Also, I'd like to put my vote in for a true alien hive species. I can't get past ants creating buildings, but some type of smart alien hive thingy would be pretty cool. the players represent two different versions of the same bug (red ones vs green ones? This is easy from a pieces standpoint cuz you just change the color and only have to mess with the graphics once.) OR...are the hive species from two different planets? Or even two different species on the same planet?

Hmmm...the way youv'e described it, it sounds more like two enemy factions fighting for supremacy of the planet. So perhaps you've got the B'uzz vs the Wh'irrr. (Aliens always have apostrophies in their species names. Everone knows this.) They look the same, but they're different colors. Does the board represent their planet? Kill the Queen of one species and the other species gets to take over.

Very cool!

Make it! :)


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Ants vs. Aliens

I was basing the aliens after ant colonies though I could make them more alien if I wished but the idea was basically really smart ant colonies. The two groups are the same species, basically just different colours. The board is a part of the planet were the two opposing colonies are, it doesn't represent the whole planet since I don't want a wrap around board.
You say you want them to be more alien, what might you have in mind to make them more so? I do want them to retain a certain ant colony feel but other than that I'm open to suggestions.

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