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Just saying hi!

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Joined: 04/21/2011

Hi everyone,

New to the forum; thirtysometing; live in D C; probably a classic case of a talentless boardgame designer. I have been trying to make something playable for about a year but always seem to end up with games that already exist or else games that are just not fun or ill balanced etc, etc. I'm currently working on a fusion board/cardgame and will no doubt be left with the retarded love child of descent and magic the gathering. No matter! I'm in love with the process and I am rarely happier than when I spend time thinking about ways to create games or parts thereof.

I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and whatnot with you all,


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Joined: 05/11/2009
Welcome onboard. :) Been

Welcome onboard. :)

Been trying to make a decent game for 10 years and still working on it. Keep plugging away and eventually it'll happen. I hope.

Joined: 04/14/2009
Welcome to the board!

Hi T0tem.

Been playing board games for a long time. Been making them (or testing home-made games) for longer than I care to remember. I also love the process. I don't really plan to try to make any money doing this because I really just enjoy the process and throwing ideas around here and there.

I look forward to sharing ideas with you!

What's the game you're working on? Maybe we can help you get out of the "same as, been there, done that" rut you seem to be in!


red hare
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Just to tack on to what Cloudbuster was saying. This is a great site for people interested in designing board games. I'd suggest posting questions and ideas about your game to get feedback. The sooner you get honest criticism the faster you can develop the game or just move on to the next idea you have.

And don't worry. I have my own stack of unoriginal games I created (Zombies! ten years too late to name just one) and games that are... well... not fun...

red hare

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