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Shipwreck Salvage - Update

Update 10-29-08

This game is still very much a work in progress and I figured out how I was going to make my ships/cargo - by using legos! I got my inspiration from someone on BGG that designed his ships with legos for the game Serrenissima. I made my order with the lego site pick-a-brick - where you can pick individual legos and have since received and assembled the ships. They turned out ALMOST like I wanted - I was short a few 1x2 tiles that I did not realized I needed - but it is not completely necessary to buy them now. I have designed about 75% of the cards in the game; I still need to design the specialist cards (renamed from captain) and the company share cards. Printing is going to be an issue as my poor printer eats ink like crazy and I don't have extra money to dump into purchasing ink, so I might have to go slow with this one.

Still I am very much looking forward to testing this one out. I will post updated rules once I get a chance to test it - which likely won't be for a while.

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