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[Looking For] Freelance Game Mechanics Designer(s)

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Hello all,

We were referred to this forum as a good place to post this thread. We're looking for game mechanics designers to assist in design and balancing of our current games and to help plan for new games. Ideally, we'd love to hire someone on-site (we are in PA), but realize this may not be doable.

If you are at all interested, please drop us a line at jobs * and use "Game Designer" as the subject. Please include any games (online, or offline) that you may have worked on in the past (assuming it doesn't violate any NDAs of course).

This is pretty new for us (we tend to brainstorm in-house), so if there is anything we left out that should have been included in this post, please feel free to respond and we'll update.


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Your site seems to be focused

Your site seems to be focused on video games and other electronic properties. Are you sure you're looking for board game designers?

Joined: 08/18/2011
We're looking for the

We're looking for the design/mechanics of gameplay. Many times, core mechanics/balancing is the same from a board game to a text-based online game. Additionally, the type of person/thinker is very often the same.

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