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AtomPunk - A post apocalyptic caravan game

AtomPunk Front Cover WIP - 'aint she beautiful?

AtomPunk - A co-op card based games for 1-6 players that lasts 20-35 minutes.

Race for the Galaxy Vs. Magic the Gathering with a splash of euro gaming in a dirty Fallout post apocalyptic setting..

  1. You control a rag-tag caravan that contains elements of how society was before the bombs dropped. Everything from road-converted steam engines to solar harvesters staffed by inviting female engineers, you need to get these guys the-hell-outta-here.
  2. AtomPunk makes use of some inventive new puzzle-mechanics and loots the best ones from elsewhere. It steals the best bits of card interactions from CCG's like M:tG but dispenses with the "Spend loads of money to play with new cards" crap - it is one game. It uses resource tokens like some of our favorite euros, but keeps them in an elegant card format. It's core puzzle mechanic means that you WILL have to use your mind to work out the best path in this trecherous dystopian backdrop.
  3. It is a co-op only game, there will be none of the shit that comes when that spotty Alpha geek you know becomes a rules lawyer or starts to control your game - it is a team trial that pits you and your buddies against the harsh wastelands. The riding is tough. The horrific mutants, the shady merchants, the hardened outriders, the religious technology zealots and the crazed robo emus. BUT on your side you have have speed, cunning, all the guns you can handle, and transformer-like laser beam trains. Aww yeah.

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i have never played card

i have never played card games, but if this were available, i would start with it! sounds great! good luck, i will buy it when it is done. :)

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Unit and Monster Ideas:

Rules Update
The game will feature "classes" similar to MtG: "Zombie Knight: Undead, Horseback, Zombie" or "Giant Wyvern: Water, Huge, Animal" as this will give the mechanics of the game a lot more variety which is exactly what I want.
i.e. Rotary harpoon cannon: +1 combat, +3 combat vs "Human"
This gives so much more variance to the game. I must be careful not to overdo it though, too many classes will eventually make the idea of it irrelevant: Chrome Lightning Pulser: +4 vs Ademenatium electrochrome creatures doesn't have quite the ring to it eh?

What will the card backs look like?

Something like this... (attached as a forum "image" - anyone know how to get it on this designer blog?)

Everything is coming

Everything is coming together, will have a big old update on this and the main bgg page v soon, have some great rules hammered out.

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