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A future framework

Well everyone dreams and hopes that their game gains traction in the market. Subjectively success is driven by the volume of sales. However unlike traditional games which are one time efforts, we (and I hope others may be interested) are opening our framework to the world.

Rather than thinking in terms of an application, we are focusing on building on our existing success and move to a broader market.

Although we do have online sales of our current edition, we are looking far ahead and saying: "We have a vision of the future."

We have been receiving offers from various artists interested in working with our product. We are looking for more individuals that would be interested in working in conjuncture with such artists. It is our way of saying that our product has a global appeal and transcends many genres.

Whatever your interests are, we are a fit for you: manga, anime, graphic novels, animation, computer games, television or movies.

Take a second look - and possibly see the future.


Sample artwork of different artists

I have posted up some artwork from a couple of artists in the Miscellaneous gallery. Unfortunately I do not know how to embed thumbnails of the actual images (as I have seen in some threads) so here are the links in anchor format:

Warrior in action

Japaness temple

(BTW if somebody knows how to put thumbnails and wants to share, feel free to reply...)

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