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Hiya all

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Hiya everyboody! My name is Derek and I am new to board game designing. I actually teach English in China, at the moment, and so my job gives me a little too much free time. So, I've actually started to design my own games - at least the rules for them, in the hopes that someday in the future I can actually have a game that I can publish and call my own.

The current game that I am working on is called Champions! I have a blog up over on BGG where I am talking about the rules designs and such and trying to get feedback on it. I was wondering though, which sub-forum would I put that in? I could see it being in a couple of areas, but I'm not sure which one exactly. Anyway, I look forward to hearing with you and chatting with you all!

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Heya man! Nice to meet you!

Heya man! Nice to meet you!

My brother is also doing a TEFL course in Chinca (apparantly 2 hours from Shanghai: more than that, I know not!) so first of all: best of luck in all that! In fact there is another guy and another post (I forget the young chaps name) but is doing a similar thing in Japan and asked for BGDF's guidance in actually creating a quick and easy type game that would help with learning english - great ideas and perhaps something worth thinking about for your classes?

Champions! - eh? Sounds cool :) Tell us about your game man, you can either do it here or start a new thread in something like Game Creation: New Game Ideas and list some rules and any pics if you have them :)

Hope everything is going well for you Fisto!


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