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Halfling Heist Sneak Preview #2 - Table Service and Font Choice.

Table Service

One of the topics myself and the inestimable Rich have been discussing lately is font choice. I thought I'd put the question out to the fine folk of BGDF, plus a few knowledgable LinkedIn groups. As it turns out, font choice is a hornet's nest that once rattled, gets even the most mild mannered game designer fired up and in the mood to draw their lines in the sands, establishing serif bulkheads on the beaches of comic typefaces, preparing for their final, gloriously italicised last stand.

There has been a lot of great discussions about intent of the copy, target audience and even the technical purposes of font legibility. Who knew there would be so much to consider when choosing a humble font? Well, graphic designers, I guess.

Let's not waste too much time faffing about however, it's time to get into the meat and potatoes. Here's preview number two!

Halfling Heist Preview #2: Table Service

The saying goes that there's only two things guaranteed in this lifetime: death and taxes.

If at the time of your deepest introspection you happen to be at the Cockatrice Corral, you can add two more details to that inevitable existential list: a decent smack in the chops, and Esmerelda's impeccable service.

Esmerelda is the no-nonsense Mangiare Maid of the Cockatrice Corral. "What these boys need is more salt and less nonsense."

Table Service is one of the vital Food generation cards found in the Brawl deck. When you first start a game of Halfling Heist, the Corral barroom is chock full of food; you will soon find however that any committed Halfling can - nay, will! - clear the room of delectable delicacies in the time it takes to say 'Escargots de Bourgogne'.

(Which to be fair, could actually be a good while if you sprain your tongue due to a wayward mispronunciation.)

The point is, the initial selection of Food available to the Halflings will disappear very quickly. Cards like Table Service make sure there's plenty of snacks and ingredients available for the Halflings to continue Pushing and Bumping each other over.

You'll note that in the absence of table space to place new orders, Esmerelda may decide to clear a table of its contents to make room. This generally results in all of the (now forgotten) meals of the brawling punters being swept onto the floor, accompanied by any cheeky Halfling taking a breather from the Brawl on one of her tabletops.

As far as Esmerelda is concerned, there's no room for cowards in the Cockatrice Corral. "If he's not willing to cop an elbow to the face," she will sagely grunt while sweeping away the previous night's riotous shambles, "he didn't really want that sandwich then, did he?"

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