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Halfling Heist Sneak Preview #3 - Thrown and Swancon


Swancon is next weekend, and there's still a whole bunch of things to prepare. It turns out I'm going to be there for almost two whole days! On Saturday I'll be floating around the Goldsworthy Games Room talking, playing and making board games. On Sunday I'll be sitting in on a bunch of panels about digital games with other local game developers.

Very busy!

In the meantime, here's another Halfling Heist preview to keep the Halflings placated. The last couple of previews have been focused on the other inhabitants of the Cockatrice Corral, so here's one specifically for the little guys.

Well, more likely about what's going to happen to them…

Halfling Heist Preview #3: Thrown

Being small has it's advantages. You can sneak into places. You can crawl under tables. You can get into the theatre with children's admission prices.

It also means you can be picked up and thrown like a toy.

Being a Halfling in a barroom brawl can be perilous at best, and if you're unfortunate enough to be caught by surprise, there's a chance you'll find yourself flying across the room to land gracefully face first in a bowl of greasy duck stew.

Theres not much you can do about this unfortunately, other than aim for as some softish objects on the way to slow your fall.

Thrown is a Brawl card, and regardless of how well you shuffle the deck, it will pretty much always show up right in the dying seconds of the game when you most need to escape.

The player on your right will roll a die and move you the number of squares rolled. You won't necessarily be thrown in a straight line, although that is usually the most fun. And who knows? Maybe some new Food will pop up right where you land: just make sure you save enough Luck cards to get out in time!

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