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Card suggestion for Evil ColSanders,

Helping Card - Front and Back

I saw your card proposals and quickly put these together - using elements from your developing design and some quick add ins.

The quality isn't great, I'm no graphic artist, and the spacing is slightly out in a couple of places. However, they should suffice for play testing or thought material for further development.

ColSanders, If you need me to send the file or any of the bits in it then drop me a message.




This exactly what I was working on for my 4th revision! I'm flattered that you took (what looks like a lot of) time to make this card! What stopped me (and caused me to see if anyone replied on bgdf) is the same problem I'm seeing now: The stats connecting to the bottom 3 stats is longer to accommodate the words. I wanted everything to be tidy and equally spaced and sized. (OCD or maybe just asking for too much) It was bugging the hell out of me when I was working on it seeing as I can't find an aesthetically pleasing way to connect the gear to the "tab". The way you connect each tab to each other is great (rather than have them touching like I did.)!

The nameplate is GENIUS!

The new thermometer is awesome! BUT!... (explanation of mechanics)
Characters can have a maximum of 10 Hit Points. If you look at my version of the thermometer, the number of boxes on it is 10. (I didn't expect anyone to notice. It seems quite arbitrary) The number at the bottom of my thermometer has a number which is that character's Max HP. I'm sure you get the idea. Basically, I need a universal way to show hit points w/o having to adjust the card for every character. In your example, the maximum hit points a character could have if I printed this with no stats would be 5. Other than the small trouble of trying to make this awesome HP Tracker go to 10, it's beautiful.

I'm going to try to finish my 4th revision with your card in mind and in the comments of my next post. Thank you so much!

HP Tracker

I'm glad you found a couple of things useful in my card :)

If you want any of the working images just drop me a line. I made the outer frame and inner boards with blank colours and then overlayed the image onto textures - so you can use the blanks for any textures you want to add.

I couldnt work out the thermometer so I went with a guess at 5 or 10. Each bubble could represent two points - half full or full. I'm not sure how you are planning to represent hp changes. Unless the tracker is very large - like the one in your new card - you will struggle. And to be honest a tracker that big doesnt look great - dominating the card.

The best solution I came up with was to use the 5 point tracker on my sample. You would simple include some small 10mm counters. These would have a 1 on side A and a 2 on side B. If the player had 10hp you would place the counter on the top circle with the 2 showing. 9hp would be the top counter with the 1 showing, 1hp would see the counter on the bottom circle with the 1 showing and so on.

I think this would create a very clean and tidy hp tracker, which could register changing hp in an efficient and attractive way - the counters could have stickers of cogs on them - like the icons - but with a 1 or 2.

Alternatively you could just remove the circles and add a thermometer bar showing 1-10, although that would make each space very tiny and hard to work with for the players.

Chuckles, I'm also an OCD fan of things flowing together - which is why the spacing differences leap out at me in my card. I'm a little bit more extreme in that I wanted the titles to have the same number of letters as well :)

Looking at it again I would probably reduce the size of the boxes so they are identical to the title headings - this would free up a bit more space between the boxes. With the additional mm I would change the brass link into a screw thread - giving the impression that turning the cog flips the numerals. Oh and I would probably add a capped linch pin to tie the thermometer to the picture.

I'm working on a couple of

I'm working on a couple of things for the thermometer like I posted on my blog.

I keep assuming people have seen mechanics of popular games and never mention it... I've sized my card to fit ultrapro penny sleeves. When damaged, players will mark the sleeve with dry erase markers instead of the card.

Keeping it 5 dots and elongating a little (along with the portait box) will give me room to add the medals I mentioned which signify rank. The other option I'm working on is making the "Cogmometer" smaller, tightening up the layout then adding another Cogmometer next to the grid.

Since there's no room for the medals I so desperately want to add (mentioned in the version 3 card blog), I'll return the "Cost" value back to the bottom right (below the 2nd Cogmometer). With the newfound space, I'll put the medals there.

I'll have card 4 v2 ready soon.

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