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You are the last bastion of humanity and it is up to you and your team mates to get the resourses to rebuild and repopulate. The world has become a much more hostile place in the aftermath of the plague. You and several others have been found immune and were put in cryostasis for after the world governments have fallen so that there would be some hope of survival for humanity. Only one of you will have what it takes to rule the new world.

Victory Points
Each enemy and each building and a few items all have victory points associated with them. Victory points (VP) are the key to who has the mettle to rule the new world.


Rounds consist of each player taking turns, encountering different obstacles and items. It breaks down in turn order as follows.

Explore phase, Encounter Phase, Build Phase, Defend Phase

Explore Phase
Players move their token a number of steps equal to their movement score for their character.

Encounter phase

Each player reveals a card, one at a time, equal to their explore score plus the number on the tile. These cards can be enemies, caravaans, resources, traps, or items.

If a player reveals an enemy, they roll a d6 and add that to their combat score. If a player is in the same tile, they may add their combat score as well to that roll. If a player is in a neighboring tile and is carrying a ranged weapon, they may add their weapons combat score to that roll as well. Then they roll the appropriate die or dice for that enemy and must beat that roll. It is best to stick together for this reason.

If they encounter a caravaan, the player may trade items and resources for other items and resources based on the items value. Resources are always valued at a 2 to 1 when trading with a caravaan. (Example: You trade 2 Water for 1 Lumber)

If they encounter a trap, look at the score of the trap and the movement score of the player's character card. Roll a die for both the player and the trap then add the score of the trap to the trap's die and add the score of the player's movement score to the player's die. If the player meets or beats the score of the trap they successfully evade the trap. If they do not beat the score of the trap they take the penalty which is stated on the trap.

Build Phase

Each player may build any building they have the resources for if they are within the city, but may only build one building at a time.

Defend Phase

At the end of each round the city must defend it self from enemies. There are varying difficulties you may use for the game as follows:
Draw 1 Enemy card for every 3 buildings
Draw 1 Enemy card for every 2 buildings
Draw 1 Enemy cards for every 1 building
Draw 2 Enemy cards for every 1 building
Draw 3 Enemy cards for every 2 buildings
Draw 3 Enemy cards for every 1 building

Each building has a score on it that states its combat value in red. Add this value to the die roll for the city.

If an enemy succeeds in attacking, they destroy 1 building, starting with the lowest VP value building. If a building is destroyed, the player that built it, loses their Victory Points for building it.

Game over
The game ends when any of these conditions are met:

All players have been knocked out at once
All buildings are destroyed


The game ends in victory when any of these conditions are met:

A player has 30vp
All buildings are built
A player defeats the Time Traveling Wizard, Zyzax

If all buildings are built, add up each player's VP and the one with the most is the new ruler!

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